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Dear All!

In representation of the Hungarian Rowing Federation, it is my greatest pleasure to invite you to the European Indoor Rowing Championships which will be held in the City of Győr, a spectacular town alongside the river Danube. We welcome all rowers, rowing fans and supporters to have an amazing experience in the newly built, high standard sports venue, Audi Arena Győr.
We are proud to have the opportunity to organize such a popular competition in a city that is already famous from its activity and successes in water sports. I believe that Győr offers perfect infrastructure, accommodation opportunities and excellent atmosphere to create such a prestigious event. I am convinced that the European Indoor Rowing Championships will attract numerous athletes from countries all over the continent, as well as countless spectators and rowing enthusiasts to share a memorable experience.
We hope to create a successful rowing event that leaves positive memories and gives opportunity for all athletes to compete at their best, and spectators to collect happy moments and have an excellent time.

See you in Győr!

dr Szabolcs Bényi
President of the Hungarian Rowing Federation


Principal Patron of event: Zsolt Borkai, President of HOC, Mayor of Győr

European Rowing Indoor
Championships // Euro Open

16. 01. 2016 Audi Arena Győr


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