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General informations:

Registration: from 8:30

Warm-up, practice possible: from 8:30

Team manager meeting: 9:00

Opening ceremony: 9:40

How to get to the Arena:

From the bus- or railway station:
Bus N*8
The bus stop is in front of the park, at the lift side of the City Hall. You have to get off the bus in front of the Audi Arena.
Schedule: click here

Weight limits are 75 kg for lightweight men and 61,5 kg for lightweight women, 59,0 kg for junior woman, 70,0 kg for junior men. Weighing takes place on the day of the race not less than one hour and not more than two hours before the scheduled starting time.
Athletes should prepare to have ID card or passport with them for the weighing, as well to wear the armband (confirming the valid entry).
Weighing is mandatory for athletes competing in lightweight events. Lightweight athlete who has not been weighed within the allowed timeframe is not allowed to compete.
Weighing is optional for normal weight athletes. In case the normal weight athlete is presenting himself/herself in the weighing room, the umpires record his/her weight and data is used for Watt/Kg calculation on the result list. (Watt/kg column will be blank for those normal weight athletes who decide to not weigh-in.)
Weighing for para-rowers is optional with same details as written above for normal weight athletes.

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